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Soulful and romantic

Age:23 years
Height:170 cm
Weight:55 kg
Bust size:75 B
Hair color:brown
Languages:English, little German

Top Vienna Escort Girl Fiona: This fascinating escort model is a very cheerful and passionate person.
She is looking forward to interesting discussions and tingling eroticism.

A passionate seduction sensual, soft silk dresses on her skin, a bit of nothing, to emphasize stylish high heels her gorgeous appearance.
This Escort Girl is a young lady who can inspire many new and simple conversations like.

Fiona is keen to experiment and inventive, soulful and romantic. In her desire is awakened after more immediately.

In this escort model puts a lot of life. For a few hours, forget the time and dive with her in a sensual seductive world in which both fall and celebrate unforgettable sparkling moments together.


1 hour:€ 130,-
Additional hour:€ 100,-
3 hours:€ 330,-
6 hours:€ 630,-
Minimum booking period more than 30 km from Vienna:2 hours
Minimum booking period more than 50 km from Vienna:3 hours

Top Vienna Escort – Fiona

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