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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1. General:


1.1. The content of this website addresses exclusively to persons, who are 18 years or older.


1.2. The escort agency Top Vienna Escort is not liable for the actions of the person introduced, who acts completely on her own responsibility vis a vis the customer and is not an auxiliary person of the escort agency.


1.3. We work solely on the basis of our General Terms & Conditions (GTC). An oral agreement on all points of these terms has no validity and cannot be accepted by us.


1.4. Our escorts act responsibly and not according to our instructions. Therefore, we can assume no liability for the actions of our escorts.


1.5. By booking an escort Lady from Top Vienna Escort, you close a contract with the respective escort, not with Top Vienna Escort!


2. Content:


2.1. The operator of the website assumes no responsibility for the validity, completeness or quality of the information displayed. If the website operator has acted with wrongful intent or gross negligence, all liability claims against the operator, based on physical or moral damages and errors arising from the use of incorrect or incomplete information on this website is excluded.


2.2. The Operator reserves the right to amend the entire web page and / or any part thereof without prior notice, to modify or discontinue the publication.


2.3. In the case of references on other, foreign websites (also called “links”), the contents of these sites are always outside the sphere of responsibility of the web page operator or author, wherefore no liability can become effective with the website administrator. The administrator declares that he has no influence on the contents of these websites now or in future time and he dissociates himself particularly from all contents of these pages and any resulting claims that violate the law in any way. The list of links is not an invitation to visit the pages.


3. Scope:


3.1. Solely on the basis of this agreement, Top Vienna Escort provides an independent escort for its customers.


3.2. Deviating terms and conditions apply only if they are explicitly confirmed by Top Vienna Escort.


3.3. Top Vienna Escort receives a fixed fee from the escorts, for this intermediation and administration services and is not involved in any percentage of their revenues or income.


3.4. All customer related information will be kept confidential and under no circumstances, unless otherwise provided by law, shall be passed on to third parties!


3.5. The offers are subject to change. All offers are without obligation or liability.


4. Object of agreement:


4.1. The object of agreement is the procurement of independent escorts for purposes of social companionship and entertainment of the customer and nothing else beyond that.


4.2. The client undertakes not to demand from these escorts any activities that violate the law or are otherwise inadmissible.


4.3. During this mediation no sexual or intimate contact can be agreed upon.


4.4. If the client acts contrary to the regulations, this will determine his exemption from Top Vienna Escort and the rendering of service for the mediated person(s).


4.5. If the client agreed escort appointment does not take place or it only takes place partially, and the blame lies with him, he is not exonerated from the payment obligation with respect to the booked escort! Much more, the mediation will be charged and regarded as having been provided. An additional supply of service of companionship by the mediated person is no longer required.


4 .6. If an attendant does not meet your expectations, and they do without for that reason to provide agreed upon placement, is you an allowance to the respective accompanying person to pay for. The exact cost please refer to the fee table.


4.7. The customer agrees to continue having contact or meeting with a mediated person from Top Vienna Escort, only through the services of Top Vienna Escort and never directly or through third parties. Any violation of this point causes damages or loss of earnings buyer’s payment to the agency. Legal steps are not excluded.


5. Conclusion of the Contract:


5.1. A mediation is concluded by concurrence of will and a relevant statement of the two contracting parties (escort agency and client).


5.2. An agreed booking is a legally binding contract.


6. Fee:


6.1. All agreed fees shall apply only for the respective job and are gross price, inclusive statutory taxes. All additional costs during the mediation (such as entrance fees, meals, drinks, travel, hotel accommodation, etc.) are to be paid by the client and are, unless otherwise agreed, not part of the offered mediation contract.


6.2. At the beginning of the meeting, you will give the agreed fee in cash (euros) to the escort. The prolongation of the booking requires the payment of the extended period given an extension declaration and also an advance in cash for the escort.


6.3. The fee generally refers to one person. If you book two or more escorts, the fee for each escort must be paid individually. If more than one client will book one escort, the fee is multiplied by the number of the booking customers.


6.4. For special bookings such as overnight, for several days, holidays accompaniments and even on longer distance and arrival times of the escort lady we require a deposit in the amount of at least 30% of the fee. Since we and the Lady freely meet this deadline binding, it must be ensured that the agreed date is adhered to and perceived by your side. The appointment will be binding upon receipt of deposit for both sides.


6.5. The exact prices for the time invested the escort lady you see the menu on a fee or by their respective setcards of each lady companion. In addition, travel expenses incurred in the table in the menu fees, incurred as a function of effort and removal of the lady. Cost of air tickets, train tickets or taxi fares are calculated individually at cost and are to be made with the deposit. There is always subject to the fee rates currently specified. If after completing your booking, the cost of plane or train tickets increase (eg, made necessary by reposting), the customer shall bear these costs.


6.6. Unused hours are not refundable.


6.7. For an extension to announce at least 30 minutes before the time expires, otherwise we will have to charge travel expenses in addition.


7. Cancellation of the contract – cancellation by the customer:


7.1. In the case of a contract is canceled (by telephone or electronic book) up to a day before the availment of our escort service you will not be charged. Already made payments will be refunded.


7.2. If the contract (telephone or electronic book) within 24 hours canceled prior to commencement of services that may deposit paid will remain as compensation for top Vienna Escort, and in the case of a subsequent purchase our services, this deposit will be deducted from the total fee. If already travel expenses have been incurred, these will not be refunded. Top Vienna Escort is obviously trying to return unused balance air and rail tickets.


7.3. If no deposit for the booking has been made and the contract is (by telephone or electronic book) canceled within 24 hours prior to commencement of services, the customer has to pay in any case 30% of the booking value as compensation.


8. Cancellation by Top Vienna Escort:


8.1. Top Vienna Escort strives to fulfill the agreed contractual service in good faith and to the complete satisfaction of the Customer.


8.2. In the case that the booked escort lady for good reason – illness, accident, important family obstacles (illness or death of a relative) – the appointment can not perceive Top Vienna Escort will propose the circumstances a replacement lady. The customer has the right to refuse this replacement. In this case, invalidates all claims on the actual performance. The customer may make no claims to Top Escort Vienna, also not if, for example, airfare, room reservations or other costs incurred.


8.3. Top Vienna Escort and escort lady herself may withdraw without prior notice of the service, if the provision of the service will be permanently disturbed by the customer. This applies especially to cases such as intoxication by alcohol or drugs, violence, enforcement is not agreed services and unkempt appearance. The same applies if the customer contrary to the contract to a large extent. Especially if it changes the agreed meeting place without consultation with the agency if a delay of more than 30 minutes is present when required by the customer payments were not made on time.


8.4. In these cases, the customer has no claims for damages towards Top Vienna Escort. Top Vienna Escort reserves the right, in the case that the customer has already paid a deposit to retain this deposit as a substitute its own expenses.


8.5. Top Vienna Escort may at any time withdraw from the contract because of hindrance of the service due to influences of force majeure. This right is also granted to the customer. To cases of force majeure here include in particular strikes, natural disasters, etc.


8.6. Top Vienna Escort pay any advance payments immediately returned to the customer, but is entitled to demand adequate compensation for the services or even mandatory services to be provided.


9. Final provisions:


9.1. Storage, transmission, broadcast and reproduction or disclosure of the contents is expressly prohibited without written permission. Contravention will be prosecuted promptly and severely.


9.2. Austrian law applies to all contracts, jurisdiction is Vienna.


9.3. With a booking, you confirm that you have read our terms and conditions and agree to them.


9.4. Verbal agreements on all points of these terms and conditions are not valid and can not be accepted by us.